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Based in Denver, Eric is a hybrid athlete (5x Ironman), serial entrepreneur, and brand builder, who specializes in scaling early-stage consumer and wellness brands. Some of Eric’s partners include Ten Thousand, Slate, Ice Barrel, SISU, HVMN, The Normal Brand, Blokes, MASA Chips, Kane, Flux, GORUCK, Kreatures of Habit, and more.

 Eric believes in the long-term vision of the brands he partners with and his portfolio of angel investments in the wellness space includes companies such as Ten Thousand, HVMN, Beam, Slate, Ice Barrel, The Real Cereal Co, Kane Footwear, MASA Chips and more.

Latest From Eric


The Off Season Mentality

Developing an Off-Season Mentality “What you are about to witness is a master class on preparation. The Off-Season.” – J. Cole We’ve all hit the …

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Developing Winning Habits

Habits are processes that take time to develop, while routines are singular events.

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Building Your Ideal Tribe

Your tribe is constructed through conscious choices and growth, rather than something that’s merely found.

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The Path to Practiced Excellence

Clearly defining what you want in all aspects of life and committing to intentional practice.

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How to Buy Back Time

Zone 2 Meetings where business discussions are conducted during periods of physical exertion, Eric reveals how he successfully combined his workout and work schedules to buy back his time.

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The Guide to Business Relationships

Eric explores the essential role that interpersonal connections play in the business world.

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The David Nurse Show: Total Optimization Series Part 4: Workout & Training: Eric Hinman (One of the Worlds Most Fit Humans)

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These are my favorite tools to improve performance in the gym, supplementation, and recovery. I have extensively tested each product and use them to optimize my life, performance, and nutrition.

Brand Partnerships

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I work to build, grow, and evolve businesses in the health + wellness space. I’ve partnered with some of the biggest names and brands to help them launch, scale, and exit. Founders believe in me because I have been in their shoes and understand the needs, pain points, and solutions of early-stage consumer brands.

The Movement Blueprint

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My playbook will help you build strength, increase your aerobic capacity, and improve your lactate threshold. The goal here is to get you to be the best version of yourself, by gaining strength & feeling better than ever. There are workouts for every level!

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At 26, my career dictated my life. I worked set hours and I dressed the part. My schedule was dictated by others and I didn’t really exercise.I chased money, traded my time for it, and cared deeply about the public perception of success. At 43, my life dictates my career. I define how I want to spend my hours and I take most meetings on mountain tops! The Movement Memo is where I share the tips and frameworks that I used to design my dream life and live my best day ever, every day.

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