I love helping brands that I’m passionate about share their products, service, and/or message! I “yell from the rooftops”! Here’s how I like to help – Paid Social Media Posts and Marketing, Instagram Takeovers, Sponsorship/Brand Ambassador, Product Launches, Photo Shoots, Connections to other Influencers.


Elevate your brand to new heights of influence with Eric Hinman’s visionary partnership. Discover opportunities to showcase your wellness product to Eric’s audience, or leverage his network of wellness enthusiasts through Creators Club. 

As the architect of the influential “Creators Club,” Eric empowers a network of wellness micro-influencers, positioning your product at the forefront of the health-conscious community. 

Leverage Eric’s track record of triumphs to launch a collaboration that resonates and generates tangible results, while his team’s creative prowess brings your brand’s message to life like never before.

Brands I Have Worked With

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