Living Your Best Day: Embracing Tiny Wins and Deep Connections

Living Your Best Day: Embracing Tiny Wins and Deep Connections

“We don’t have to engage in grand heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions… can transform.”

– Howard Zinn

Designing Your Dream Life

What does your best day ever look like?

This is a question I have spent years contemplating and then working to implement as many of these items into my daily routine as possible.

I Build My Day Around Tiny Wins.

Winning the day starts the night before and each night you have the opportunity to set yourself up for success. When I get out of bed in the morning, I immediately have momentum because I get a minimum of seven hours of sleep.

I kiss my girlfriend Sarah good morning and say “I love you”. This is critical for me because I believe in the power of sharing your love with those closest to you. Hug, kiss, and tell your friends and family how much they mean to you – you never know when this will be taken away.

I then head downstairs to attempt to make the perfect espresso. For me, this is part art and part science, something that I have spent years attempting to perfect. It forces me to become present first thing in the morning, to check in with myself and my body, to see how I am feeling.

60 minutes of outdoor exercise is a nonnegotiable and probably the most therapeutic part of my daily routine; it is where I find my best creative and business ideas, where I am able to tap into flow, get creative, and do so unconsciously.

Some days, I pair this outdoor training session with meeting someone new for a zone-2 meeting. Other days this occurs over a cup of coffee or during my fire and ice recovery in the evening. Regardless, I make an effort to meet with (at least) one new person every single day.

I take a tremendous amount of joy from watching others win. One of the most meaningful moments of my day is when I get to introduce two people who will benefit from knowing each other. At this point, this is simply how my brain is conditioned – when I hear about someone trying to do X, I immediately introduce them via email or text group chat to someone I know who can help them achieve this goal.

I love to share wholesome food with friends and strangers; it’s one of the oldest traditions in the world. The way I have been able to develop relationships with so many incredible people, whom I am blessed to call my close friends, is a direct result of having engaging conversations. So many people listen but only to respond. A lot of times what someone needs is not an idea or a solution, but someone to tell them “I hear you, I understand what you are saying”. Be willing to listen, but also to share. A good conversation is two-sided.

When was the last time you played? As we get older, so many of us stop playing and start working – we lose the childish sense of joy that goes hand in hand with creative boredom. I know that I need to blend my work with play to be the most productive version of myself. I choose to work with friends and believe that relationships are greater than transactions when it comes to business. If you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

The most structured aspect of my day revolves around training, specifically lifting something heavy and getting my heart rate above 155 BPM. I love CrossFit because I get to train with others who share the same passions. I fundamentally believe that overcoming a shared discomfort brings people together and can help to build deep relationships fast. It never matters how fit someone is, all that matters is that they show up and they work hard.

We are social creatures and community is a critical aspect to wellbeing. I love organizing and partaking in community events because I get to be around other like-minded individuals. I try to partake in some kind of community event every day, whether this is with my inner circle of friends or a broader community. Getting around others to listen, share, learn, and develop is critical to my happiness and sense of fulfillment.

I love to learn and always try to maintain a beginner’s mindset. I believe every person has unique insights to offer the world based on their individual experiences and that the world becomes a better place when these ideas are shared. This is a big reason why I create and consume every day. By creating I am able to articulate my thoughts and provide value back into the world. By consuming books, podcasts, and conversations, I continue to learn, grow, and develop as a human.

In order to show up as the best version of yourself, you must prioritize self-care. My evening sauna and cold therapy sessions are sacred to me. The physical recovery is critical for me to be able to train the way I want to day in and out, but I really feel the benefit on the mental and emotional side. These practices ground my body, mind, and spirit.

These are my tiny wins and I try to prioritize making these happen every single day. Am I perfect, absolutely not, far from it. However, I have spent the past ten years of my life learning how I can consistently show up as the best version of myself and then working to implement as many of these actions as often as possible.

Spend time contemplating what your best day ever looks like and then work to design your life around those tiny wins.

Today’s Optimization

I am a creature of habit – I spent a considerable amount of time, effort, and money designing my dream life. I like to control the controllable, which is one of the reasons I hate traveling. But travel is one thing you cannot eliminate from your life completely. Every time I go on the road, I pack Kreatures of Habit because it allows me to regain control of my nutrition. I know that I will have (at least) one meal covered every day where I will be able to hit my 30g protein goal.

Quality nutrition while traveling is possible, but it requires effort and planning. One new habit that I am currently implementing is packing for my next trip as soon as I get home. This way, I never have to think when it’s time to leave the house; I know that I have all my supplements packed and ready to go. Today Kreatures of Habit is offering Movement Memo subscribers a deal: 15% off your purchase of Kreatures of Habit using code “Hinman 15”

Today’s Podcast

What are the lies we tell so often that we begin to rely on those lies ourselves? 

McConaughey discusses their significance as well as the difference between engineered and mystical success in this conversation with Lex Fridman. 

He shares how losing his father impacted his acting career and how he was able to define how own relationship with love at 37. 

I found this discussion fascinating and it made me pause to reflect on which direction I wish to head in life.


Today’s Movement

My 43rd birthday workout. Complete as fast as possible in teams of 4: one person works at a time:

  • 800 Meter Burpee Broad Jump
  • 800 Meter Sprint


Losing team has to do 100 burpees each.

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