How to Buy Back Time

How to Buy Back Time

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”
– Harvey MacKay

Buying Back Time

You have 86,400 seconds in a day and 10,080 minutes in a week. How you spend them is up to you.

I used to meet people & business partners for cocktails. Then it changed to dinners as I got into Ironman training. Eventually, these transitioned to coffee meetings, but now 90% of my appointments are what I call Zone 2 Meetings. 

*A Zone 2 Meeting occurs when your heart rate is elevated above 120 beats per minute, meaning that you are partaking in some form of exertion.

I start my work day by meeting partners and friends at V23 Athletics for high-intensity CrossFit-style training. Our meetings get done in between sets and on our way to and from the gym. The shared suffering not only brings us together but it forces us to be present. In the afternoon, I handle business during a run or mountain bike ride. Finally, my SISU Sauna and Ice Barrel serve as my office in the evenings.

I prioritize actions that create maximum efficiency.

By combining training and work and I am able to “buy back” time every day which has resulted in an increase in both my training volume and total work output. Not only that, I do my best thinking with an elevated heart rate, and my quality of work has risen.

A byproduct of Zone 2 Meetings is seeing business partners in difficult situations. You get to understand how they react to stress, handle discomfort, and build stronger relationships.

Two questions to ponder heading into this weekend: How can you buy back time? In what areas of your life can you multi-task while increasing overall efficiency?

Today’s Optimization

To reach my peak performance, I prioritize eating with intention: putting fuel into my system that gives me energy, helps me to recover, and boosts my mental clarity. But proper nutrition can become draining. This is why I use nourished, a daily nutrition powder that has precise doses of clinically-studied nutrients including 12 vitamins, 10 phytonutrients, 8 trace minerals, 8 polyphenols, 6 amino acids, 6 electrolytes, 16 grams of easy-to-digest plant protein,110 calories, and 0 grams of sugar.

Nourished helps me to minimize decision-making fatigue — the mental exhaustion resulting from the sheer number of choices a person must make daily. Every day all I do is blend one serving (one packet of nourished) into my morning or post-workout smoothie. By taking the guesswork out of nutrition, I am able to limit fatigue and save this mental energy to expend in a more beneficial area of my life.

Eat healthy, live happily, and make today the best day possible. Today Happy Being is offering Movement Memo subscribers a deal: 20% off using code “ERIC20”

Today’s Podcast

I loved the message behind this podcast.

People (myself included) are obsessed with this idea that we need to find our niche, to focus narrow & deep on a singular topic.

Things happen. We adapt — life changes.

Don’t be afraid to close one door when another one opens; just be sure to bring others long for the ride.

About Eric Hinman

Based in Denver, Eric is an Endurance Athlete (5x Ironman), content creator and social media influencer, sponsored by dozens of consumer brands. Some of Eric’s partners include Vital Proteins, GNC, Ten Thousand, Beam, Lane Eight, Chipotle, and Whole Foods.

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